Gatsby (a German Shepherd mix) is sitting in the snow, staring up at the camera.
A black, brown, and white dog standing in leaf-covered grass looking at the camera.
A black poodle is sitting outside, holding a black shopping back in their mouth. The dog has a red banana on.
A black and gray Akita dog standing in the woods.
A black and white photo of a woman crouching down with her dog, hugging them around the neck and kissing his head.
A dog - brown and black - is standing in front of a house with her head tilted to the side.
A gray cat being pet by an off-camera person - second shooting for Alicia Barrington Photography
Two Akitas are standing in front of their two owners in the middle of the woods.
A woman in a maroon dress standing in the woods, holding her medium-size dog and laughing at the camera
A white Husky is standing in the snow, looking up at the camera.
A man is hugging his dog - brown, tan, and white - and kissing her on the head.